Katrien Verheijden sings JANIS IAN

ECHO’S IN MIJN HOOFD + Katrien Verheijden sings JANIS IAN

Dutch singer Katrien Verheijden sings JANIS IAN


An album with songs of the legendary American singer-songwriter Janis Ian, with a selection of her greatest hits and also more recent material. In Dutch translation. You will find a completely new song of Janis called Summer in New York, performed by Katrien. But that’s not all…Janis will be making a personal contribution by recording two duets with Katrien, especially for this album.

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To promote and finance this project Katrien has started a campaign on the Dutch funding platform “Tilburg voor Cultuur” One of the rewards for sponsoring is an EP with four songs of Janis in English. And for this EP Janis generously offered Katrien another song that has never been recorded before! So here are two very unique items that might persuade you to help Katrien. Take a look at the list of rewards, hopefully there’s something to your liking that will make you keen to join in.

The album includes classic hits like Society’s Child, At Seventeen and Jesse, but also more recent work like Cosmopolitan Girl, Some People’s Lives and She Must Be Beautiful. All in Dutch translation. Then, of course, Janis will collaborate with Katrien in the duets Through The Years and I’m Still Standing Here. Also, Katrien will do her version of Summer In New York. Both duets and Summer In New York will be in Englisg language.

Listen to a few samples to get a taste: (these are rehhearseltapes, not final recordings)

Digital EP

1. When The Party’s Over

2. Easy Street (unreleased)



1. Mensenleven (Some Peoples Lives)

2. I’m Still Standing Here (on the album you will find the duet version with Janis Ian)


If you want to learn more about Katrien and her project, you’ll find all the information below and the special website: www.katrienzingtjanis.nl

My name is Katrien Verheijden. I am a Dutch singer, I play the piano and guitar, I’m a songwriter and a passionate teacher at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts. I love working with other vocalists and I love to combine music and theater.

What’s my plan:
One of my musical heroes is American singer/songwriter Janis Ian. My ideal is perform her music in Dutch translation and new musical arrangements. Of course, that includes her famous hits Fly too high and At Seventeen. But also more unknown and recent work of Janis. I want to record an album with a selection of her songs at the end of November. We will be recording at the the beautiful Wisseloord Studios, in collaboration with sound- engineer Roel Verberk, who will also be producing the album.

I approached Janis Ian in person to tell her of my plans and I received a very enthusiastic response. She even offered me the unique opportunity to record a song that’s never been published before … a real, unreleased Janis-Ian original!

But that’s not all. I invited Janis to sing on my album and she agreed. She will be making a personal contribution by recording no less than two duets with me.

Will you help me create this album?

I am putting out this album myself and that is always very tensive because there are a lot of things to be considered. Expenses for studio hire, musicians, producer, mixing/mastering and pressing of the CD, artwork and P.R. up to paying for music rights to BUMA/STEMRA. That really adds up!

That’s why I’m asking for your help!

You can help me by supporting this project with a donation. Of course, you’ll get something in return, that’s the beauty of crowdfunding.

It gives me great pleasure to work with my regular band members Jeroen Koning on guitar and Fons Toonen on double bass. Together we search for the meaning and essence of each song. We feel the intimate character of the songs requires an acoustic sound and provides space for beautiful multi-part vocals. The album will hold three songs that are accompanied by a specially assembled string quartet. The string arrangements will be written by Fons Toonen.

This story begins with me at the age of 13. During guitar lessons I was introduced to my first Janis Ian-song: Jesse. There was something about that song, that made me play it over and over again. Later I acquired the whole songbook and I got hooked to her music. I still recall visiting a concert of her at Concordia-stage in Breda. I remember her being so small. She stood there on the stage all alone, just her and her guitar. She was small but so wise. She knew life. Her words and music touched me. Gave me comfort and hope…

Janis Ian had her first hit with Society’s child at the age of 15. A rather turbulent career-start because the radio stations initially refused to run the song because of the lyrics, a story about the love between a white girl and a black boy. Only when Leonard Bernstein invited Janis into his CBS News Special ‘Inside Pop – The Rock Revolution’, the song turned into a national hit in 1967.

janisian12The Netherlands got to know her in the 1970s with hits like ‘At Seventeen’, ‘The Other Side Of The Sun’ and ‘Fly Too High’. She frequently performed in the Netherlands. Various Dutch artists, including Ramses Shaffy & Liesbeth List, Rob de Nijs and Conny Vandenbos covered her songs. World stars like Nina Simone, Cher, Roberta Flack and Celine Dion also released covers of her music. Janis Ian was nominated for a Grammy Award no less than 10 times and was granted three, one for the song “At seventeen” from the successful 1975 album ‘Between the lines’. In 2011, Janis Ian recently visited the Netherlands for a series of concerts. In 2016 she celebrated her 50th anniversary with a concert at the Grand Center in St. Louis.

The start
The moment I decided to start a project about this special singer and songwriter blossomed during my Master of Music study at the conservatory in Tilburg.

I was at a point in my life where I started to ask myself some personal questions: Why do I want to get on a stage and sing? What is the essence of singing for me? What’s my own sound, actually? What are my dreams? In that search, I soon found myself reconnected with the music of Janis Ian, the songs that touched me as a teenager and which had always stayed with me. What a pleasure it was, to rediscover her extensive repertoire, discover her recent material, to read her biography and to find out about her career. Her songs suited me like a glove.

In your (mother)native tongue
In order to be able to tell my own story with this repertoire, the idea came up to sing the songs in Dutch. I discovered old translations by Joost Nuissl and Lennaert Nijgh. But I also wanted to sing new material. I came into contact with cabaret artist Kiki Schippers (AMG Schmidt Prize winner, best song 2016-2017). She made a number of beautiful new translations to start off with. Shortly thereafter I started to write my own. Anne-Marijn Smulders and Judith Schut also provided me with new translations. Meanwhile we’ve got a beautiful collection of translated material ready for the album.

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